Used Trucks from Japan


 Benefits of Importing Japanese Trucks

There is a great demand for trucks in today’s fast paced world. Trucks come in different shapes and capacities.  Truck or Lorry is a motor vehicle mainly used for transporting goods and materials. Light duty and Medium duty trucks are so versatile that they can be used for a countless number of tasks.  Some of the examples are dump trucks, garbage trucks, pickup trucks, delivery trucks, concrete mixer trucks, crane trucks, tow trucks, fire-trucks, recreational vehicles, tow trucks, panel vans, log carriers, refrigerated trucks and vans, tank trucks for water, milk, oil and other liquids.  And there are an endless amount of various other jobs that that only a powerful truck can provide - call for a Heavy duty truck.

For those who demand and deserve the best in trucks, will find an answer in trucks from Japan.  Trucks manufactured and marketed by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corp., Isuzu Motors Ltd., Hino Motors Ltd., and Nissan Diesel Motor Co. - Japan’s largest truck manufacturers – are popular not only in Japan but all over the world.  Why? Because you can find an extensive range of several different trucks in various models, styles, colors, and price ranges for you to select. Japanese trucks are known for their reliability, durability, sturdiness, power, performance and safety features. Most of them are also ergonomically designed to give the ultimate comfort to the truck drivers.

Why Buy Used Japanese Trucks?

When you need to increase your handling capacity, but your budgets are tight, buying a used Japanese truck is a great alternative. Used Japanese Trucks are one of the sound and ideal investments that would be best for your application.

Other benefits of buying used Japanese trucks are:

- Low purchase prices
- View the trucks in online inventory/online auctions
- Wide variety leading to huge choice for every application and budget
- Complete detailed history of the vehicle and its servicing records available
- Japanese vehicles are maintained regularly and kept clean by the owners
- Almost new vehicles are also available

CBU, SKD and CKD trucks

Completely built up (CBU), semi knocked down (SKD) and completely knocked down (CKD) are various modes of importing trucks in countries. Many countries do not permit imports of fully assembled (CBU) trucks and cars, so the only alternative is to dissemble the vehicles in parts and then ship them in different containers to the destination.

There are many Japanese used truck exporters like Shiotsu Autotrade who have experienced staff and specialized equipment to dismantle any truck – be it a Japanese mini truck or a 10 ton heavy duty truck, load them in containers and then ship it to the destination country. This type of service is very beneficial for used truck importers from the Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Caribbean and African countries. One obvious advantage is huge savings on the shipping costs. In countries such as Russia and the Philippines, they can also deliver trucks in “front clip” (also known as a “half cut”) form, where the truck is cut in half, through the cabin, just rear of the dash board. This is one of the best alternatives when the whole truck cannot be imported legally.

Japanese trucks are in big demand all over the world because of their superior design, performance, fuel efficiency. This site discusses how to import used trucks from Japan. CBU, CKD and SKD trucks are also discussed.